Training Compliance

What Is Training Compliance?

Training compliance is the discipline of ensuring workplace employee training requirements are met and tracked. This is especially important when training is mandated by local, state, federal or international standards. Today, a big part of Training Compliance is the technology that allows employers to identify employees in need of training, delivers training content on-demand, and manages the data needed to track and report on the success of training programs.

Why Pursue Training Compliance?

Training is an essential requirement of workplace regulations around the world; for instance, a broad range of OSHA standards contain specific language on what is considered effective training. Often, training is the first thing an investigator will look into following a workplace incident, which is one reason keeping accurate and up-to-date training records is key. Of course, more important than avoiding fines and penalties is protecting employees, and through it, the health of the organization. The benefits of technology in meeting training compliance include:

  • A more skilled, productive, and engaged workforce
  • The ability to verify training in real time across locations
  • Expansive library of on-demand training modules
  • Reduction in time spent on inefficient and repetitive manual tasks
  • More time to focus on other critical EHS tasks

How VelocityEHS Can Help

VelocityEHS gives you the tools you need to easily schedule, deploy, verify and document training across your entire organization through a cloud based system. Additionally, built-in email notifications remind employees and managers when training deadlines and certification dates are upcoming or past due to ensure all training requirements are being met on time. Our training tools also give you the resources to quickly and easily demonstrate compliance with your regulatory training obligations. The ability to rapidly deploy training on the fly is a growing necessity given the increase in the number of temporary and contract workers in use today, the responsibility for training, OSHA says, falls as much on the hiring party as it does on the agency supplying the labor.

Training Compliance is supported by our Training & Learning Solution.

Features Included
Create and schedule employee training sessions
Assign training requirements based on job roles and work functions
Email notifications for upcoming trainings and past-due reminders
Nearly 100 expert-reviewed, interactive training courses
Document and certify training completion
Export reports in a variety of file types (XML, CSV, PDF, MHTML, Excel, TIFF, DOCX)
Automatically deliver selected reports to individual system users

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