CAPA - Corrective Action Preventive Action

What is CAPA?

CAPA, or Corrective Action and Preventive Action, is the systematic approach of investigating existing non-conformity — or the potential for non-conformity — in the workplace, and taking steps to identify and eliminate the underlying causes and conditions. Corrective Action applies to existing issues, with the goal of keeping them from happening again. Preventive Action applies to potential issues, with the goal of preventing them from happening in the first place. Root Cause Analysis is a key piece of both sides of CAPA.

Why Do CAPA?

CAPA is foundational to a healthy organization and workforce. Non-conformity may seem like a harmless term; however, it actually encompasses a wide-variety of bad outcomes in the workplace. These range from defective processes and equipment that undermine quality and productivity, to unmitigated risks that put peoples’ lives at stake and entire businesses in jeopardy. CAPA is a key component of many standards, including FDA regulations and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. The benefits of CAPA include:

  • Improved quality of products and processes
  • Enhanced safety and well-being of employees
  • Avoidance of costly downtime and workers comp claims
  • Defense of company reputation and investments
  • Better organizational communication and follow-through

How VelocityEHS Can Help

The VelocityEHS Action Management software provides your team the platform needed to log, track, investigate, complete, and report on a wide-variety of action types in your workplace. Separating VelocityEHS from other solutions is the way our action software works across our product suites, so you have visibility into all of your actions in one place. Plus, our mobile app makes it easy to assign and complete action tasks when you’re offline, or in the field.

CAPA is part of our Corrective Action Solution. To see the full set of features, click here.

Features Included
Create, assign, track, and complete actions across organization using a single,cloud-based system
Schedule escalating email notifications for pending actions
Prioritize action items at the corporate or individual location level
Attach documents, files, videos, photos to records for easy access
Engage employees with greater transparency and accountability on action resolution

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