Ace Your EHS & Sustainability Test

Protecting the people, campuses and reputation of a learning community is a unique responsibility. Environment, health, safety, and sustainability are at the same time subjected to greater scrutiny and integral to intellectual freedom.

Features And Benefits

The VelocityEHS Accelerate® Platform is designed for dynamic environments with a range of risks and little room for error.

Beyond Compliance

The bar is high in academic settings to operate beyond compliance. EHS and Sustainability 101 requires strong HazCom, incident management, training and learning, and control of work programs – just to start.

Mobile Workforce

No two days are ever the same on a campus or in a classroom. You need a true SaaS solution that can help your people get the job done in any setting, with mobile apps connected to a centralized and standardized database.

Radical Transparency

Visibility and accountability are the keys to success when expectations are high and people are hard to track down. Customizable dashboards, automated reports and escalating alerts keep everyone on task.

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Accelerating Operational Excellence
with ActiveEHS®

See what VelocityEHS has in store for you with VelocityEHS Accelerate® Platform and ActiveEHS®.

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“Now we have one account controlling the hazard needs of the entire campus, and it works very well.”

Richard Wagner, Manager of Chemical Safety - The University of Arizona