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Verdantix Innovating For Sustainable Operations Summit

Visit our booth #21 to learn how VelocityEHS can help you report on ESG activities with the industry’s leading data collection, calculation and reporting capabilities. Be sure to attend our sessions during the Verdantix Summit.


Wednesday, October 26 at 9:00 AM Central Time

Keynote Session: EHSG: Redefining EHS in an ESG Focused World

Presenter: Roger Bottum, Sr. Vice President of Product, VelocityEHS

Over the past two years, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has reverberated through financial markets like a tidal wave. EHS Compliance is an important but solitary component in a much broader canvas that includes environmental performance, human capital, community relations and business resilience. Strengthening and broadening EHS programs is essential to ensuring that organizations can better align EHS best practices with ESG performance goals and continue to drive desired financial outcomes.


Wednesday, October 26 at 11:10 AM Central Time

Workshop: GHG Management: What You Need to Know

Presenter: David Staples, Senior Solutions Strategist of ESG, VelocityEHS

Many company leaders are setting net-zero emissions goals and creating plans to meet these targets by 2030 and beyond. Net zero is defined as maintaining a balance between the greenhouse gases that are put into the atmosphere and those taken out. Attend this workshop to learn how understanding greenhouse gas (GHS) management and emissions reporting is imperative to the future of business operations.


Wednesday, October 26 at 1:45 PM Central Time

Panel Discussion: The Rise of Climate Risks: Time to Reframe Environmental Risk Management

Presenter: Julian Moffatt, Principal Solutions Strategist – ESG, VelocityEHS

Businesses face a significant increase in risks caused by uncontainable wildfires, more intense rainfall, more severe tornadoes and more powerful hurricanes. Natural hazards increasingly knock linear infrastructure out of action, as well as triggering environmental spills and process safety events. This session will discuss the issues caused by more intense natural hazards and provide a framework for developing an upgraded environmental risk management plan that is integral to complying with new SEC requirements.