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Attend our Session at the Mary Kay O’Connor Safety & Risk Conference

Speaking Agenda

October – Date/Time TBD

Integrating Psychosocial Risk Management with Process Hazard Analyses

Psychosocial risks are the anxiety stressors of workers that stem from their workplaces and work arrangements. In the last few years, the impacts of these stressors have been felt across the globe and have spurred additional studies on this topic. Organization leaders are taking note, and more programs to improve employee well-being are being implemented.

During this presentation, Dana Garber will demonstrate how HAZID and HAZOP workshops can reduce the psychosocial risk of operations personnel. He will provide a qualitative assessment on the social dynamics of PHA workshops and recommend techniques to improve the quality of your PHAs through better team participation and candor.

Visit the Mary Kay O’Connor Safety & Risk Conference website for more information.