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As you know musculoskeletal disorders are responsible for billions of dollars in workers' comp costs and lost revenues — not to mention the significant harm they cause to employees and their families. Unfortunately, addressing ergonomics on an enterprisewide level has traditionally relied on live training and one-on-one coaching which has made it cost-prohibitive to roll-out across the organization.

Now VelocityEHS allows you to provide expert, web-based online assessment and training to thousands of employees at the same time for less than it costs to support traditional live coaching programs at a single location. VelocityEHS is the fastest way to right-fit jobs to your workers.

Reach your Ergonomics Goals Faster!

We can’t wait to show you why the VelocityEHS> Platform is the simple and easy way to:

  • Gain Visibility
  • Control Risk
  • Improve Performance

Easy & Effective Self-Assessment

  • A simple, user-friendly interface guides participants though our proprietary training and risk assessment modules
  • Quick-fix advice and self-corrective tips provide solutions to most common office ergonomic issues
  • Bite-sized modules fit busy schedules by allowing employees to fit their ergonomics training into hectic schedules
  • Modular Training, Evaluation, and Issue Resolution components can be completed as time allows
  • Employees with improvement opportunities receive gentle reminders and are guided to self-corrective advice specific to their ergonomic issue and furniture types
VelocityEHS Desktop Ergonomics Screen

Sophisticated Administrative Reporting and Tracking

  • Manage entire ergonomics process via a single source interface
  • Easily deploy and monitor an entire enterprise-wide program, including tools to track employee progress and provide remote assistance
  • Extensive tools to assign, communicate, sort, search, prioritize, track, measure and document all aspects of the ergonomics process
  • System then helps you reach out, if required, to provide more detailed advice for difficult cases

Improved Productivity & Reduced Risk

  • Our unique and proprietary Library allows you to customize, grow and update your ergonomics knowledge base
  • Improving comfort and fit in the workstation and improving layout and workflow can result in significant gains in productivity
  • Manage risk and overcome a number of shortcomings inherent in traditional ergonomics programs that rely on in-person experts (e.g.: time, distance, costs, and retention)