COVID-19 Respirator Fit Testing

If you are a VelocityEHS customer who is part of the first-responder community, we would like to offer you use of our Industrial Hygiene Respirator Fit Test (RFT) product - at no charge. This offer is good for six months for the following VelocityEHS customers: hospitals, fire & police departments, health-care providers, and other emergency responders on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19

Respirator Fit Testing

The number of people and facilities using respirators in the fight against COVID-19 has sky-rocketed. This has created its own set of challenges for organizations, as the regulations and guidelines around respirator fit testing (for each employee) must still be followed. For example, at one hospital, the number of folks using respirators went from 30 to over 300.

That's a lot of tests, especially since a typical fit test can run 7-8 minutes, plus another 3-5 minutes to complete the paperwork. The VelocityEHS RFT product can help trim that time down to 2.5 minutes per-person. You'll get some much needed time back, and gain confidence that the proper protocols were followed and that you have a solid employee tracking program in place.

What is the offer?

  • VelocityEHS IH Respirator Fit Testing product free for 6 months
  • Includes full-featured product with easy to use controls 
  • Links to COVID-specific educational videos
    • N95 respirator use
    • CDC’s provision for limited reuse of N95 respirators

Stay focused on your important work while we help you reduce test time, streamline documentation, promote standardization, secure record keeping, and outfit your people with an easy to use RFT system.

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Even if you're not a VelocityEHS customer, or a first-responder, you may still need help respirator fit testings. We encourage you to check out out this Product Info Sheet (PDF), along with our full suite of Industrial Hygiene Solutions.

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COVID-19 Q&A For EHS Professionals

Free Access to Safety Data Sheets

Free access to (SDSs) for the EPA’s approved list of disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2.

Click Here to Access the COVID-19 SDS eBinder

Note: We will continue to upload additional SDSs from the EPA List N as they are obtained

We’ve also set-up a toll-free telephone number (1-844-308-7011) to help those who need a safety data sheet, but don’t currently have internet access.

If you are customer and need help finding an SDS or help accessing your account, you can call us between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. (CST) at 1.888.362.2007. If you have an emergency requiring immediate medical attention call 911.