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Carhartt successfully reduced its OSHA recordables by over 50% through implementing an ergonomics program. Recognizing the importance of proactive safety measures, Carhartt’s U.S. Safety Manager, Scott Harper, and Safety Specialist, Ashley Arvin, spearheaded efforts to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) resulting from poor postures, high forces, and repetitive movements in their stitching, sewing, and finishing manufacturing facilities.

Understanding the significance of engagement and buy-in from leadership to associates, Scott and Ashley collaborated with various stakeholders to identify where opportunities for improvements existed. They chose to partner with VelocityEHS using the Industrial Ergonomics Solution due to its comprehensive training and educational components, AI-driven assessments, and expert support. Despite initial concerns about associate engagement, the program quickly gained interest from them as they witnessed its success, causing the associates to actively participate in assessments and suggest process improvements.

Read the full case study on Carhartt’s commitment to workplace safety, coupled with strategic implementation of an ergonomics program. Discover how they reduced injuries while strengthening employee engagement and morale, paving the way for long-term success with a culture of care and worker engagement in health and safety.