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Calling all EHS trainers!

Join us tomorrow, June 30 at 11:00 AM CT for our latest VelocityEHS webinar “EHS Training Management: A Comprehensive Guide.” Greg Duncan, MELP and EHS Expert at VelocityEHS will take you on a detailed tour of the training program management process and give you a systematic framework you can apply to help build, maintain and improve your workplace EHS training programs. We’ll cover topics including:

  • Applying a systematic approach to identifying training needs
  • Setting training goals and objectives
  • Choosing and delivering training content
  • Understanding learning styles and selecting the right training mix
  • Best practices for tracking and documenting training
  • Applying principles of continuous improvement to training program management
  • Strategies for driving employee engagement

If you’re looking for best practices to strengthen and streamline your training program, this webinar is just right for you. Click here to register today!