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We’re seeing a shift in the world of environmental health & safety (EHS) and its workforce—especially in the discipline of ergonomics.

Universities that previously graduated certified professional ergonomists (CPEs) from research-based programs are pivoting to course-based programs to develop EHS generalists. This is a big change—from graduates having expertise in reducing musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risk by changing the workplace to fit the workers’ capabilities, to being knowledgeable in all areas of EHS, but having deeper expertise in none.

So, where does that leave workplace ergonomics?

As time passes and CPEs retire, companies are struggling to find the right candidates for those open positions. The candidate pool is full, but no one has the credentials and experience that organizations are looking for when choosing someone to manage their enterprise’s workplace ergonomics process. Companies are getting anxious because they know that without a CPE or an established ergonomics program, the risk of workplace MSDs will rise significantly.

But, how do you sustain an ergonomics program without a CPE?

For companies who don’t have an in-house expert or for those who know that their current CPEs will be retiring soon, it’s more important than ever to have a simple and accurate system for managing workplace ergonomics and reducing MSD risk. Without a CPE available, companies need a user-friendly system that makes it easy for EHS generalists to track, assess and manage ergonomics, and for every employee to use with confidence.

Industrial Ergonomics® by VelocityEHS fills that need.

Our cloud-based software system was developed with the expertise of certified professional ergonomists and is supported by the largest team of board-certified CPEs in North America (none of whom plan to retire any time soon.) With online training courses, expert-led job improvement workshops and simple A.I. assessment tools available on a mobile device, the system helps will help the changing EHS workforce do ergonomics right.