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Komatsu Mining Corporation (KMC), the second-largest manufacturer of earth-moving equipment, operates in 142 countries and employs more than 10,000 people around the world. Being a global company that has merged with and acquired other businesses, KMC faced challenges in its efforts of creating a unified safety culture.

This new case study shares an interview with their Vice President of Global Environment, Health and Safety, George Carlough. He discusses his highly positive experience working with VelocityEHS at Joy Global, which was acquired by Komatsu, and how he knew that he wanted to bring that partnership to KMC.

George said, “The first time I went over to Komatsu in Japan and met with their EHS administration…[the] first thing I talked about is how we pull everything together from a global standpoint using a tool called VelocityEHS.”

The implementation of the VelocityEHS solution at KMC was incredibly successful.

  • The system met nearly all the company’s needs immediately, only needing a few additional configurations.
  • KMC worked directly with the VelocityEHS project team to develop those configurations, such as designing custom reports.
  • Currently, employees from top management to floor supervisors are well-established in the solution and have been easily able to utilize more components as KMC added them.

George attributed the success of KMC’s adoption of the platform to communication and support from leadership, such as:

  • A dedication to be present, through conducting consistent observations and hazard IDs.
  • Active involvement in engaging users with the platform.
  • Sharing best practices and showcasing the positive results that were achieved by engaged users.

Komatsu Mining Corporation continues its partnership with VelocityEHS, driving positive adaptation and user engagement, and identifying training opportunities for the company’s teams around the world.

“Thanks to VelocityEHS, year-to-date we have done more than 19,000 safety observations and approximately 10,000 hazard IDs at 170 operating locations worldwide.” – George Carlough, VP of Global Environment, Health and Safety, Komatsu Mining Corporation

Read the full case study to learn more about why Komatsu relies on VelocityEHS software in its global EHS program. Or see for yourself how VelocityEHS can meet your needs through one simple platform and provide you with a cohesive, comprehensive EHS program. Request a Demo or Contact Us today!