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Frequent workplace cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing are essential tactics in the fight against COVID-19, but we need to keep in mind that even the most common and seemingly safe chemical cleaning products can present their own health and safety hazards.

This is especially true considering recent shortages of chemical cleaning products caused by COVID-19. These shortages have forced some businesses to rely on new or substitute cleaning products, and others resorting to mixing or making their own.

Even if you’re a trained chemist, mixing chemical cleaning products can be HIGHLY DANGEROUS! Many cleaning, when mixed together, react to produce toxic byproducts, fumes, gases, heat and even explosions.

To help users of chemical cleaning products protect themselves against these potentially life-threatening hazards, we’ve created our Chemical Cleaning Product Mixing Hazards Poster. It’s a helpful quick-reference guide you can download, print out and post in areas where chemical cleaning products are stored or used to help your workers maintain safe handling practices.

Click Here to Download the Poster Now!

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VelocityEHS Can Help!

When it comes to chemical safety and hazard information, safety data sheets (SDSs) are the final word. They contain the detailed chemical hazard information that your workers need to safely store, handle and use the chemicals in your workplace.

If you’re looking for an easy, cost-effective way to provide your workers with SDSs for the chemicals they use in the workplace, MSDSonline chemical management solutions from VelocityEHS are the answer. Our cloud-based HQ or HQ RegXR chemical management accounts, combined with our MSDSonline SDS/Chemical Management Mobile App, give your workers the ability to instantly access SDSs anywhere, any time, even when you’re offline.

Request a Demo today or give us a call at 1.888.362.2007 to learn more.