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There are many benefits to implementing an ergonomics process, including productivity increases, improved product quality, and a reduced incidence rate of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). However, one of the largest benefits is often overlooked: employee engagement. To ensure you’re engaging your employees right off the bat, consider implementing these hands-on activities. You’ll have your team ergo-aware in no time.

  • Keeping work between the knees and shoulders (the “comfort zone”) helps to limit non-neutral postures. To help your team visualize this, build an ergo stick. Adhere colored tape to a pole to show the best zones for material handling tasks.
    • Green optimal zone: 39″ – 48″ (981 – 1216 mm)
    • Yellow comfort zone: 21″ – 39″ (529 – 981 mm) and 48″ – 50″ (1216 – 1259 mm)
    • Orange extended zone: 10″ – 21″ (265 – 529 mm) and 50″ – 61″ (1259 – 1559 mm)
  • Research shows that high force is a primary risk factor in the development of MSDs. Set up a force gauge station and provide exercises to demonstrate how applying forces with awkward postures is more difficult. This will help people create a connection between perceived and actual forceful exertions. You can also mock up a job on the floor to practice proper measuring techniques and compare the results to design guidelines.
  • Don’t forget about the office. One of the most common issues with seated work is not setting up the chair properly. Host a session on how to adjust your office chair. If employees can’t attend or are in another location, record a video and share it. Demonstrating all the adjustability features, such as height, back tilt and tension, seat pan depth, and lumbar support, communicates that you care.