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Cloud-based ergonomics training and self-assessment software has been shown to help employees resolve more than 70% of ergonomic issues independently, without the need for intervention by an ergonomics professional.

This impressive success rate is largely due to the fact that cloud-based ergonomics software makes it possible to provide employees with on-demand access to highly engaging, interactive training content and self-assessment tools that promote greater employee ownership over reducing workplace ergonomic risks. This is a key factor that ergonomics professionals consider essential to reinforcing good ergonomic behaviors and ensuring the long term success of workplace ergonomics programs.

Not only has cloud-based ergonomics training and self-assessment proven to be a highly effective alternative to traditional in-person ergonomics instruction, but it also eliminates many of the costs of traditional ergonomics management including instructor fees and travel expenses, as well as the administrative costs of scheduling, recordkeeping and employee issue tracking.

However, each employee is unique with their own physical characteristics and ergonomic risk factors, and despite the success of cloud-based ergonomics software in reducing these risks, approximately 30% of all cases require additional one-on-one consultation. Of these, 20% of issues can effectively be resolved through remote consultation with a qualified ergonomics professional. The remaining 10% of cases require more intensive, in-person desk-side consultation.

The Hybrid Approach

In response to this trend, ergonomics professionals recommend a tiered, hybrid approach that begins with web-based training and self-assessment (Level 1), then escalates to remote one-on-one consultation (Level 2) and ultimately, targeted in-person consultation (Level 3) to resolve more serious ergonomic issues where necessary.

Too often, companies start and end with Level 3 (L3) consultations or jump directly from L1 to L3, bypassing the benefits and cost savings of an L2 consultation. It’s important to note that an L2 consultation should only be performed after an employee has proceeded through L1 web-based training and self-assessment, corrective measures have been implemented, and significant ergonomic issues or risks still persist.

An L2 consultation involves a discussion with a qualified ergonomics specialist who will review the employee’s ergonomic risk profile (L1), interview them to identify their particular concerns, review the work demands (requirements, practices, habits, etc.), and then make recommendations to address the employee’s individual ergonomic risks. Since L2 consultations are performed remotely, the consulting professional will likely also request that employees submit photographs of typical workplace postures, behaviors, workstation equipment and other elements of the work environment to help supplement the information contained within the employee’s ergonomic risk profile, and provide a more comprehensive understanding of existing ergonomic issues.

The ergonomics professional assigned to your case will then produce a detailed ergonomic evaluation report. The report will include a summary of the consultation, identification of specific ergonomic risk factors, and ergonomic recommendations including postures, behaviors, risk reduction measures, furniture and/or equipment adjustments, and tailored ergonomics training content.

Together, web-based training and self-assessment (L1) and remote consultation (L2) have shown to effectively resolve approximately 90% of all ergonomic issues, all without the need for costly in-person consultation (L3) from an ergonomics professional which can take several hours and ultimately cost several hundreds, even thousands of dollars per case.

Let VelocityEHS Help!

Ergonomics by VelocityEHS allows you to deliver expert-designed, web-based ergonomics training and self-assessment to each of your employees, across each of your facilities, for much less than the cost of traditional in-person evaluation and coaching programs. Employees can monitor their own progress through a simple and engaging user interface, and receive access to an extensive built-in ergonomics knowledge base that empowers them to improve their own ergonomic behaviors. Employers gain full visibility of ergonomic performance throughout the organization, allowing them to accurately identify risks, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

With VelocityEHS, you get more than just get expert-designed interactive ergonomics software. You also get ready access to the combined expertise and support of our network of qualified ergonomics professionals who’ll work with you one-on-one to resolve your most challenging ergonomic issues.

For employees with ergonomics issues not fully addressed by L1 training and self-assessment, our software allows you to seamlessly request L2 remote consultation with just a few clicks, quickly putting you in direct contact with a qualified ergonomics professional. When employees’ ergonomic needs are more complex, we’ll help put you in touch with an ergonomic professional in your area who can perform L3 in-person consultation at a competitive rate.

When it comes to comprehensive ergonomics program management for your office, VelocityEHS has you covered head-to-toe.  To learn more about Ergonomics solutions from VelocityEHS, visit our website at or give us a call at 1.866.919.7922.