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It is common for office workers to experience wrist and elbow pain from working long hours on a computer each day. The discomfort arises from frequently using a mouse with an awkward posture.

To ensure your wrist remains in the “right” posture, follow this tip: Hold your arm out as if you are about to shake someone’s hand. This “handshake posture” is a neutral (“the right”) position and will reduce the risk of a musculoskeletal injury occurring. Enter the vertical mouse. Consider these three tips when choosing the right fit:

  1. To maintain that handshake posture, select a mouse with an angle as close to 90-degrees as possible. Check out the Anker Vertical Mouse and Evoluent Vertical Mouse.
  2. Try it on for size. What fits your coworker, might not be a comfortable fit for you. The first vertical mouse I tried was too big for me, but after sampling a brand with different sized options, I found the perfect fit with the Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse. Left-handed options tend to be limited.
  3. Allow time to adjust to the new style. To ease into the change, alternate between using your old one with the new. Eventually, you’ll be mousing away.