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If your coworkers rush to work each morning to snag the highly coveted office chair, it may be time to go shopping so that there are a few more chairs like it to pick from. Chances are the “favorite chair” isn’t the most-liked because it’s expensive, it’s because it’s adjustable! Here are some must-have features to consider for your next chair purchase:

  • Height adjustability is key to accommodate all users’ heights (if the chair is shared) and the fashionista who wears flat shoes on one day and high-heeled wedges the next. When the chair is adjusted to the proper height, your feet are flat on the floor, your thighs are parallel to the floor with a 90-degree angle at your knees, and your forearms are parallel to the keying area.
  • When seated, you should be able to maintain the natural curve of your back to keep your body properly aligned. To do so, adjust the lumbar support by moving the tabs behind the seat back up or down to match the curve of your lower back. A portable lumbar support cushion is a good alternative for a chair without this feature.
  • To prevent sitting completely upright all day, as if at a formal dinner party, use the back tilt feature to create a 90-degree or slightly open angle at the hips. Some chairs also have adjustable back tension to allow for more movement as you work.
  • Seat pan depth is the most overlooked feature of a great chair. If the seat is too deep, you may experience numbness in your legs due to pressure on the backs of your legs. And if it’s too shallow, your legs won’t have enough support. For an optimal fit, make sure there are a few inches of space between the backs of your knees and the seat edge.