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Initiating an office ergonomics process may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Based on a survey of over 24,000 users of Ergopoint® Office Suite, 98 percent of people are able to fix their own workspace if trained in ergonomics principles and if given the right tools. Engaging employees to participate increases buy-in from management, which is often the key factor in ensuring success. To get started, follow these three tips.

  • Provide training to begin an ergonomics initiative or improve upon an existing one. Sometimes participants become distracted or start zoning out during live training sessions. Mix up your training styles and methods to keep participants engaged. Provide online lessons and tutorials prior to, or in lieu of, a live session, and pepper in interactive lessons with questions and learning verifications to ensure participation. This also provides the administrator a no-hassle way of tracking progress.
  • Once training is complete and employees are back to work, follow up to gather feedback. It’s important for employees to express how their new setup and equipment suits them. E-mail a survey, mail or distribute a questionnaire card at the conclusion of the course, make contact via e-mail or call them on the phone. Opening the line of communication empowers them to receive more support, such as additional training or new equipment.
  • Show genuine concern for each employee. Take the time to talk with them, answer their questions, and listen to their concerns. Assess their workstations and point out areas where they can make improvements. Is the monitor placed at the right height (eye level) and are desk accessories placed close to the body? Being available to support their needs goes a long way to encourage the success of a program and the implementation of ergonomic improvements, and it helps employees retain the learned information. Staying involved at this level demonstrates that management is serious about ergonomics and is dedicated to maintaining an injury-free workplace.