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Are you struggling to effectively manage your chemical inventory? Many safety and health professionals are fighting an uphill battle to prevent unwanted chemicals from entering their inventory, such as chemicals on certain regulatory watch lists or chemicals that don’t meet sustainability objectives. Whatever the case may be, customers now have a way to harness more control over the products that enter their workplace with the help of VelocityEHS’ new chemical approval functionality. The new functionality includes a customizable questionnaire for document requests and a multi-step process for document approvals. The questionnaire offers both multiple-choice and open-ended question formats, which customers can customize to address issues and concerns specific to their work environments.

When Account Administrators elect to use the questionnaire, the form gets incorporated into the document request process and must completed along with any document request submissions. The responses can be reviewed by Administrators involved in the approval process to help determine whether or not to approve a product/ MSDS for the inventory. Account Administrators can also take advantage of the system’s new multi-step approval functionality, which can be set up to require MSDS document requests to pass through up to five steps before moving from the approval Queue to the eBinder.

These steps can be set up to be dependent or independent of each other. With the dependent option, the approval steps would follow a sequential order – e.g., the person in Step 1 would be required to make a decision before the person in Step 2. The independent option would allow for Administrators in the approval process to make a decision at any time, independent of each other. This additional verification measure can help ensure that MSDS/ product requests receive the necessary stamps of approval before being confirmed for use in various location inventories.

To learn more about how these new features can help you gain increased insight and control over the products in your workplace, contact a VelocityEHS Customer Care Representative at 1.888.362.2007.