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by Winnie Ip, CPE

Though you can read a lot about motorcycle safety, it’s not often you come across motorcycle ergonomics.  In my quest to find a new bike, I found a neat website, Cycle-Ergo, that uses human anthropometrics to help you determine riding posture (knee and forward lean angle) for any motorcycle or scooter. The simulator gives you options to customize:

  • Rider Dimensions: Stature (height) and Inseam
  • Vehicle Customization: Handlebar rise, Handlebar pull-back, Seat rise
  • Additional Options: Metric values, Feet on/off ground, Center image on seat, Arm Straightness, Placement on seat (center/front/back)

Looks like the Ducati Monster might work for me after all.

Happy (and safe) riding season to all!