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Smart Labeling Solutions

VelocityEHS has partnered with the industry’s leading chemical container labeling solution providers to help further streamline compliance and simplify workplace chemical safety. By integrating our Chemical Management accounts with innovative labeling and printing products from top manufacturers like Avery, Brady, and Graphic Products, VelocityEHS gives you the ability to easily create and print GHS-aligned workplace chemical container labels directly from your account, saving you serious time and money.

Avery Design & Print GHS Wizard

  • VelocityEHS accounts are linked to the Avery Design & Print Online GHS Wizard, allowing you to easily design, save and print Avery GHS labels using information indexed directly from SDSs in your eBinder
  • Customize labels by resizing and moving hazard pictograms, text, and other elements, and print to multiple sizes of Avery UltraDuty GHS Labels

Brady® Label Printer Compatibility

  • VelocityEHS accounts integrate seamlessly with popular Brady Printers, including BBP30, BBP31, BBP33, BBP35, and BBP37
  • Quickly capture and save required label information from safety data sheet details indexed in your VelocityEHS account, and incorporate it into the appropriate Brady label format in a variety of sizes

Graphic Products® DuraLabel Printer Compatibility

  • Streamline workplace labeling by selecting desired information directly from SDSs in your VelocityEHS account, then create, customize and print labels directly to DuraLabel Toro and DuraLabel PRO 300 printers on DuraLabel’s heavy-duty label stock
  • Choose from multiple label stock and size options, including DuraLabel T03045M-4D and 803045M-4D (3”x4.5”), or DuraLabel 804060M-4D and T04060M-4D (4”x6”)