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Video Transcript

Managing contractors and visitors across your global facilities is a critical task.

In addition to keeping unauthorized personnel off-site, there is a mountain of information to track, including badges, permits, and training certifications.

How confident are you that all of your contractors have completed their orientation and safety courses? Are you certain you remembered to close out all permits for recently completed work?

VelocityEHS Control of Work, part of the Accelerate platform gives you the power and visibility you need to cut up to 90% of the time you spend on permit and contractor management. It’s the easiest way to automate tasks, ensure compliance and provide transparency to stakeholders across your organization.

Our Control of Work solution lets you centralize and standardize your operations, so you have a single source of truth that’s traceable and updated in real-time.

The comprehensive and ultimate cloud-based packages ensure that any work requiring a permit is completed, and that no unqualified contract personnel are working on-site.

Reduce administrative burden with detailed reports to demonstrate compliance during an audit with permit status. If an update to a permit is required, it will be instantly updated for all sites.

The portal orientation feature allows contractors to take their orientation prior to showing up on-site and list their qualifications for employers.

Control of Work scales with your business to drive safe, productive, and efficient onsite work and to ensure everyone in your facilities is vetted, trained, and approved.

From permit to work to contractor management, VelocityEHS Control of Work has you covered.