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In Part 4 of our series, Kelvin and team conclude the implementation process and discuss how VelocityEHS helps them support their entire EHS strategy.

Video Transcript

Voiceover: We started following CF Industries as they began their VelocityEHS story. Now they’re fully up and running, and we’re checking in with Kelvin Roth one last time to discuss where they are now and what the future holds.

Kelvin: So, we just went live with MOC last month. That was the last module we had anticipated in the initial scope. So, we’re done with the implementation process.

Probably the biggest impact we’ve had with implementing VelocityEHS was that we’re now able to support our overall EHS strategy.

We’ve set a very good strategy to continue improving, to continue our drive towards excellence, and VelocityEHS now gives us the platform that we can use to analyze our results, to assess the impact of changes to our processes, and to get better across the board.

Voiceover: Last time you mentioned VelocityEHS Voice. How have you been using it since then?

Kelvin: Anything that we get from a user standpoint, if they say, “Hey, can the software do this?” Or “Wouldn’t it be great?” Our first response is, “Yes, it would. Have you put that into Voice?”.

It’s a great opportunity to make sure that our users are heard. Certainly, we respond to them, but they like the ability to speak directly to the software developers through that tool.

We’ve gone into Voice and seen that other people have similar challenges, and likewise, when we’ve posted things, other users have chimed in and liked it or commented on it, and it is a nice way to engage with the community remotely.

Voiceover: In what other ways have you been supporting the rollout of VelocityEHS throughout your company?

Kelvin: So, we do have – we call it our EMIS Super User Group, and as super users, of course, they have capes with the big VelocityEHS logo emblazoned on the back of them.

Our super user group are really individuals at each of our locations who are not only the admins for the system at their location but are also a great training resource or a great how-to resource, and they also provide us valuable feedback on how any tweaks or changes to the system might impact how their users are using it.

Voiceover: What else are you looking forward to through your relationship with VelocityEHS?

Kelvin: I am excited to attend Accelerate2019. It’s a great opportunity, not only to share what we’ve learned but really to see how other people are using a similar system and getting different value or even sometimes better value out of what they’re doing.

While we’re relatively new to VelocityEHS, they’ve got many customers that have been using it for quite a few years, and to learn from them is invaluable.

The implementation process has been challenging, but it’s also been really rewarding, and certainly, we’re happy with where we’ve ended up. But it’s not the end of our story, even though it might be the end of our video story.

We still have many more things we’d like to do, and we will continue to improve on and develop and tweak, and challenge VelocityEHS and have them challenge us back, but we’re really looking forward to this ongoing partnership.