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VelocityEHS shares 3 things to know about Office Ergonomics.

Video Transcript

The very first thing I like people to understand about office ergonomics is there is not a good body position to be in all day long. So just the idea of this is, you know, this is your perfect posture, this is what you should be doing. You can’t necessarily just rely on “I’m in that great posture all the time.” You need variety in movement.

The other two things that I have people focus on are where are their eyes working. So, you know looking at where is the screen, where you’re looking at on the screen. Are you working with paper at the same time? If you have multiple screens, where are those multiple screens? So that’s one.

The other one is, where are your hands? How is your keyboard positioned? Is it too far away, too low, or too high? Same thing with the reach to your mouse or any other input device.