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Battery Shipper Service

If you’re struggling to meet compliance standards for products with integrated lithium batteries, or if you sell lithium batteries and feel emergency response plans for standard chemical shipments are unfair and too costly, the VelocityEHS ERS Battery Shipper Service is for you. It’s the most affordable, reliable, and comprehensive emergency response plan for your battery shipments, guaranteed. Read on for more details or request a quote now.

Chemtel Lithium Battery Mark Combo 300x275 1

Battery Handling Marking Labels (126 x 121 mm), UV Coated Paper/ Rolls of 500 self adhesive labels with 1″ core

What’s included

365/24/7 Emergency Response Telephone service:

Becoming a member of the VelocityEHS ERS Battery Shipper Service provides you access to our highly trained staff of Emergency Communication Specialists who are able to provide critical information in the event of an incident involving your battery shipment. Our service meets DOT and all international regulations which require a 24-hr emergency response phone on battery labels and shipments. And if you ship to a country that requires an in-country emergency response telephone number such as Brazil, China, India, and Mexico, VelocityEHS  has you covered. Simply indicate the need for an in-country telephone number in your quote request.

Emergency Contact Phone Number for you Safety Data Sheets:

ERS Battery Shipper Service customers can utilize the VelocityEHS emergency response phone number on your SDS. The VelocityEHS Call Center will provide information to callers and incident reporting to members.

Lithium battery shipping labels:

ERS Battery Shipper Service customers benefit from VelocityEHS unbeatable pricing for customized IATA compliant lithium battery mark labels. Sign up today and receive your first roll of 200 Lithium Ion or Lithium Metal labels free. Order additional rolls for $65 each. Purchasing more rolls will result in greater savings. Email your order to [email protected].

Technical and Regulatory advice:

If you’re uncertain about your packaging, labeling or other shipping requirements, or whether your product meets any applicable shipping exemptions, you can count on the VelocityEHS Regulatory Consulting Services team. Our highly skilled experts have the training and expertise necessary to answer all your lithium battery shipping and labeling questions, and to provide you with information to ensure compliance.  Please note, the Regulatory Consulting Service is an optional addition to the Battery Shipper Service.


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