TRI - Toxics Release Inventory

What is the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)?

TRI is a report established by the EPA intended to improve the tracking, management and public awareness of chemicals that pose a threat to human health and the environment. Prescribed by Section 313 of the EPA’s Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA), TRI covered facilities must identify the amounts of TRI listed chemicals they manufacture, process or otherwise use, calculate amounts released to the environment, and list amounts involved in waste treatment, recycling and disposal activities. Covered facilities must electronically submit this information to the EPA’s TRI-MEweb reporting system by July 1 each year.

Why Should I Care about TRI?

TRI reporting requirements apply to facilities with 10 or more employees in specific listed industries that manufacture, process or otherwise use regulated toxic chemicals above threshold quantities. In addition to ensuring your facility’s compliance with EPCRA Section 313 requirements, TRI reporting also:

  • Helps EPA to develop regulations, guidance, and enforcement policies
  • Provides the public with information about possible exposure to TRI chemicals and related health & ecological risks
  • Allows businesses to highlight efforts toward reducing the use and release of TRI-listed chemicals
  • Serves as a resource for government agencies, researchers and others in research and data gathering

How VelocityEHS Can Help

Our award-winning Chemical Management and Environmental Management solutions simplify TRI reporting by allowing you to track the amounts of TRI-listed chemicals entering or leaving your facility using sophisticated chemical inventory management tools, and automatically quantify amounts released to the environment or involved in waste treatment, recycling and disposal activities – making TRI reporting faster and easier than ever before.

TRI Reporting is supported by our Chemical Management and Environmental Management Solutions.

Features Included
Detailed container-level chemical inventory tracking and mapping
Automated cross-referencing of TRI-listed chemicals and flagging of exceeded threshold amounts
Instantly generate EPCRA TRI Form R Worksheets
Emissions/pollutant loading calculations and waste management recordkeeping
TRI reporting automation allows quick and easy submission of emissions data to EPA’s TRI-MEweb interface

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