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The number of in-house IH professionals has dwindled in recent years, with more and more businesses outsourcing IH functions due to lack of resources or expertise. As IH program budgets tighten, it is becoming increasingly critical that IH practitioners be able to make a strong business case for their IH programs so that they can compete successfully for limited resources.

Without a doubt, injury and illness prevention is a primary driver of IH, but it can be easy for IH professionals to base the value of their programs solely on potential reductions in injury- and illness-related costs. Basing your IH business case primarily on reduced incident-related and workers’ compensation costs unfortunately ignores many other benefits that can actually outweigh the savings in injury and illness costs alone. In addition, relying simply on avoidance of potential risks and costs may not always resonate with some decision makers and is an incomplete strategy to justify investment in IH programs. Without a compelling and well-rounded business case, management may look at the IH program and program investments as a lower priority that can afford to wait for additional resources, while projects with a clearer impact to the bottom line are prioritized.

Our latest infographic “Understanding the Business Value of Industrial Hygiene” offers a high-level overview of key stats and benefits that will help you build a more convincing business case for IH program investment, and it shows how VelocityEHS Industrial Hygiene Solutions can help you reduce IH costs, maximize program efficiency and better safeguard workplace health.

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