Lean & Safe: Integrating Safety Management and Process

Integrating Safety Management & Process

Why are safety and productivity goals often perceived to be in conflict? This white paper grew out of a collaboration between VelocityEHS and Mr. Damon Nix, project manager for Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute. It clarifies why for safety professionals, the best path to ending the perceived conflict between safety and productivity is not victory, but making peace.

In this white paper you'll learn how to:

  • Identify processes with high potential for cross-departmental collaboration
  • Explain how unsafe conditions and operational wastes correlate and how to eliminate them simultaneously
  • Discuss how to use Lean principles to access the highest levels of hazard control
  • Demonstrate how to reduce inter-organizational conflict and undesirable tradeoffs
  • Discuss how EHS systems contribute to elevate visibility and increase collaboration

Download it. Read it. Work it.