How to Get Started in Safety Management: Tips for the New Professional

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If you are a new safety manager in the industry and need guidance about how to prioritize your time and get started in your role, this webinar is for you!

Some people choose to become a safety professional, while others may come into the career by happenstance. In either case, there are always new people with varying backgrounds entering the field.

Some may have had academic training in environment, health, and safety (EHS), but have held positions that were not directly involved with workplace safety, like in consulting or in analytical laboratories. These people will find that corporate EHS management is an entirely different challenge, with many moving parts that involve relationships with different departments and people. Figuring out the strategy for navigating the unique needs and expectations of different parties in your organization can sometimes feel like solving a giant puzzle—with missing pieces.

Other professionals come from a field outside of EHS, such as Human Resources, Quality, or Facilities Maintenance, and have decided (or been “voluntold”) to pivot to include safety management responsibilities. In previous roles, these professionals may have used people- and relationship-management skills, but if they don’t yet have the background knowledge and familiarity with the full scope of the job, applying that knowledge can be difficult.

Whichever path you took to become a safety professional, this webinar will give you the information you need. We’ll talk about the common challenges of safety management, how to get your head around the full scope of the job, and how to start building the relationships and engagement required to succeed.

We’ll also talk about how an integrated approach to risk management can provide you with a framework for targeting the safety issues that matter the most. You’ll also learn why effective safety management involves sharing responsibilities for key safety tasks with your employees.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Why everything you do involves managing and prioritizing risk
  • How managing workplace risk controls can help you have a more proactive approach to safety management
  • How taking a “safety management system” approach patterned on the guidance of ISO 45001 can help you identify risks, hazards, and opportunities for improvement
  • How the right metrics and leading indicators can help ensure you’re doing the right things to improve safety
  • How EHS software can streamline the management of key tasks and drive better engagement through access to better data

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