EPA Toxic Release Inventory Reporting: How to Ensure Compliance

Owners and operators of affected facilities need to be aware of current reporting obligations to ensure the accuracy and completeness of upcoming TRI submissions. Join the experts at VelocityEHS as they guide you through recent changes, and provide a comprehensive overview of the entire reporting process to help you stay in compliance with TRI reporting requirements.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand the main purpose of EPA’s TRI reporting
  • Interpret and apply EPCRA Section 313 and 322 as they apply to your organization
  • Assess the key elements of completing a TRI report, including chemical use evaluation, threshold evaluation, qualifiers and exemptions, estimating releases, Form R vs. Form A applicability, submitting TRI, and revising/withdrawing/self-disclosure of TRI reports
  • Identify the most common errors in completing Form R reports and Form A certification statements
  • Assess recent TRI reporting changes that may apply to your organization
  • Recognize potential enforcement actions for TRI noncompliance
  • Identify and evaluate resources to assist you in preparing your RY 2021 TRI reports

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