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VelocityEHS’ Ryan Cowart shares three quick tips on improving the ergonomics of material handling jobs.

Video Transcript

Hi guys, I’m Ryan Cowart, a certified ergonomist with Humantech (now  VelocityEHS Ergonomics), and today I’d like to address three quick tips on material handling.

Number one: the comfort zone. The vertical hand working height. We want to make sure that we’re in an optimal hand-working zone whenever we have to pick something up, such as a box, perhaps. So, low to the ground would probably not be ideal.

Number two would be horizontal reach. Making sure that we’re close to the product prior to lifting it up, so we’re out here, fully extending our elbows.

And number three: whole body clearance. Making sure that we can get into the space prior to lifting.

So, that’s the comfort zone, horizontal reaches, and whole-body clearance. That was Three Quick Tips for Material Handling. I’m Ryan Cowart. We’ll see you next time.