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VelocityEHS talks about research insights’ mission statement.

Video Transcript

Workplace ergonomics is often misunderstood. Because of that, health and safety professionals struggle to know which approaches are actually based on science. At VelocityEHS, we focus on the facts. Our evidence-based approach to managing workplace ergonomics ensures that only meaningful and accurate scientific, as well as technical information, is actually incorporated into our approach. Our assessment methodologies, design guidelines, as well as our software solutions, are the result of our research team’s hard work to fulfill these obligations. We seek out and aggregate information from academia as well as industry experts and translate that information into knowledge that our customers can actually use. We then transfer that knowledge to our software solutions and implementation services, and lastly, that knowledge actually turns into actual insights as well as value for our customers. Simply put, our intelligence helps you improve employee well-being as well as enhance operational performance in the workplace. That’s the value our research team provides to you.