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VelocityEHS’ Josiah Allen takes a look at LifeDesk’s SmartLegs which retrofit an existing worksurface to create a sit-to-stand desk.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Josiah Allen, a certified professional ergonomist at Humantech (now VelocityEHS Ergonomics)., and today, I have another product review. We’re looking at the LifeDesk Smart Legs. Smart Legs is a product designed to retrofit existing fixed-height workstations to height-adjustable workstations. Now, this means you will need to have an existing workstation to retrofit with the legs.

There are four different variations of legs available with one, two, three, or four posts, and those are also adjustable widthwise to accommodate different length desks. The Smart Legs are shipped for assembly at home or office, and assembly is fairly straightforward. Though, I would definitely recommend swapping out the provided Allen key for a drill, which is going to become necessary later when you’re fixing the legs to the surface.

The instructions provided for assembly are pretty straightforward, but LifeDesk also offers many videos on their website to help assist in putting the desk together. This two-legged model that we’re looking at is height adjustable between 25.5 and 46.5 inches but also includes an extension bracket, which extends the range up to about 50 inches depending on the thickness of your desktop surface. This is great as it falls within the recommended hand working height for standing work between 42 and 44 inches, as well as the recommended seated height between 24 and 29 inches. With that added bracket, it’ll also help raise it up to a good precision hand working height.

Like many height-adjustable workstations, this model comes with a programmable module which allows you to set four saved heights that you can switch to at the press of a button. Additionally, LifeDesk has an app that will both allow you to change and also recommend those hand working heights to you. It recommends hand working heights based on your actual height, and then you can switch between sitting and standing at the press of a button. The app also comes with a feature that can remind you to swap between sitting and standing based on three preset time ratios. This is great to encourage variation in posture.

Overall, the LifeDesk Smart Legs is a great product, again designed for retrofitting existing workstations, so you do need to have that existing surface to attach the legs too. But if you are looking to retrofit or change an office and want to keep your old setup and equipment, it’s a great cost-effective solution.

Again, my name is Josiah Allen, ergonomist at Humantech (now VelocityEHS Ergonomics). I’ll see you next time.