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VelocityEHS board-certified ergonomist, Michael Hoonhorst, takes a look at the ergonomics of the Human Hoist powered shop chair. For more details on this product, visit

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Mike Hoonhorst, Certified Ergonomist with Humantech (brand of VelocityEHS Ergonomics). Today, we’re here to do a product review of the Human Hoist Powered Shop Chair, and we had multiple people test it in the office. Today, I’m going to go over some of the features and functions of that chair.

The primary adjustment of the chair is electric, and it allows for adjustments between 4 inches and 26 inches. That’s done using the throttle handles on either side of the employee. There are additional manual adjustments with the headrest and backrest to better position the employee for the particular task.

The chair is easily maneuverable using your legs, whether you’re in the seated position or the lie-flat position. There are tool trays that can be mounted on either side of the seat pan, which allows the user to put tools or small parts to be used during their work task.

So, some considerations of the Human Hoist chair are that it’s very durable and has a long battery life that will typically last at least a shift. It can be difficult to maneuver on soft surfaces like carpet or outdoors on gravel, and some of the adjustments can be difficult on the backrest, especially in the lie-flat position. But overall, the product is great for when you have low hand working heights that can’t be engineered out or restricted work areas that you need to get beneath.

So, in conclusion, the Human Hoist chair is a high-quality piece of equipment that allows employees and operators to adjust themselves to varying hand working heights, especially when we can’t impose other engineering controls in those different restricted areas. Again, I’m Mike Hoonhorst, and thanks for watching.