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VelocityEHS’ Ryan Cowart talks to Keith Choat of NuStep about how they were able to get materials off the floor and into the comfort zone to reduce awkward postures.

Video Transcript

Ryan: Hi guys, I’m Ryan Cowart, a certified ergonomist with Humantech (now VelocityEHS Ergonomics), and I’m here today with Keith of NuStep. One thing I wanted to do is highlight some low-cost, high-impact solutions in the workplace. And so, as I was walking through the facility, I noticed something that was pretty interesting. So, Keith, do you want to talk to me a little about this being raised up?

Keith: Yeah, we had several large items here that were on the floor, and the operators would have to bend over all the way to the floor to pick these items up. So, we looked at the ergonomic design guidelines and tried to keep things in the strike zone. We got everything off the floor 24 inches. We found the materials in-house, fabricated them ourselves, and then got to where we needed to be.

Ryan: Sounds good! So, it’s within the comfort zone.

Keith: Yep.

Ryan: Perfect! Thanks so much for your time. Please have a good one, guys.