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VelocityEHS ergonomist, Ryan Cowart, shares reasons to use a footrest in the video below. Footrests come with a variety of options and features. To select the right one for you, be sure to read the purchasing specifications outlined below the video.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ryan Cowart with Humantech (now VelocityEHS Ergonomics), a consultant ergonomics engineer. Often times, whenever I’m in the office workplace, I get questions such as when I use a footrest and why it is important. Well, I’ve got a couple of answers for you.

Number one, we use a footrest whenever there’s a fixed height for a worktable. Oftentimes, organizations would consider purchasing fully adjustable chairs that would accommodate a majority of the workplace individuals, but sometimes overlook a height adjustable table. So, when we’re stuck with this fixed height table and I think in that situation our feet are dangling in these fully adjustable chairs, sometimes it’s really important to have a footrest, for shorter individuals in the workplace.

Number two are going to be whenever a table is at a high position, such as a sit-stand workstation where we’re using a stool but our feet are still dangling in midair. Oftentimes, a footrest, again, would be really important, and make sure it’s height adjustable or even angle adjustable towards the operator.

Number three, we want to make sure that if we don’t have a chair and the table is in a high position, maybe we can provide a footrest as an alternative to a foot rail, if that’s not available. Where our foot can be placed in front of our bodies to offload some of the discomfort that we feel in our heels or even our lower back.

Number four, instead of having the footrest positioned in front of us, have it off to the side so that it’s just under one of our left or right feet. The reason why we would do this is to reduce discomfort in our lower back or our heels from standing for a long period of time.

Look below this video for detailed specifications in terms of purchasing for footrests. I’m Ryan Cowart. Thanks for watching.