The Short Conference – EHS Technology: The Road Ahead

Technology can accelerate the reduction of workplace risks and hazards. It’s how smart companies get to where they want to go, fast. Enhanced business performance is the end goal and research proves the causal relationship between employee well-being and overall financial performance. When employee engagement is up, so are productivity, quality, and later, stock and corporate credit rating. We work in a digital age, texting and using cloud computing to collaborate, artificial intelligence to identify risk, and data to drive decisions to improve the workplace. In short, technology brings us together, helps us solve problems, and directs us - it’s the road for organizational leaders to achieve their goals.

On May 12, 2021, VelocityEHS will bring together its subject matter experts and customers during educational and interactive roundtable discussions to share key insights on improving safety, compliance, ergonomics, and more. Register for one or all of the sessions today!

May 12 Agenda:

10:00 am ET | "How Technology is Transforming EHS" | Matt Airhart, President and COO, VelocityEHS

10:35 am ET | "Risk vs. Compliance: A Fast-Paced Panel Discussion" | Alex Apostolou, Principal Solutions Strategist, VelocityEHS
Jules Hinske, North America Process Safety Manager, Unilever
Frank Skiba, Sr. Product Manager, Audit & Compliance, VelocityEHS

11:40 am ET | "W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc. Systems Approach Built to Stand the Test of Time" | Michael Mauro, Divisional Ergonomics & Error Proofing Champion, W.L Gore and Associates, Inc.

12:45 am ET | "Data: Too Much, Too Little, or Just the Right Amount?" | Alex Apostolou, Principal Solutions Strategist, VelocityEHS
Blake McGowan, Director of Ergonomics Research, VelocityEHS
Dave Risi, Director of Industrial Hygiene, VelocityEHS

1:50 pm ET | "7 Ways Technology Can Streamline Your Industrial Hygiene Program" | Dave Risi, Director of Industrial Hygiene, VelocityEHS