Safety Management

Managing safety in a fast-paced workplace environment should not be a one-person-job. But it can feel that way, especially if you're being asked to do more with less because of recent global events.

This is exactly the right time to secure the support VelocityEHS software provides. Whether you’re a safety veteran or new to the role, we can help you simplify the key aspects of safety. Wouldn't it be nice to finally have some room to breathe?

Our Safety Management Solution brings together:

  • Incident, Near Miss and Hazard Reporting & Management
  • SDS Management & Right-to-Know Deployment 
  • Action Management & Analytics
  • Inspections
  • Safety Meetings
  • Job Safety Analyses (JSAs)
  • Dashboards and Interactive Reports
Safety Management Solution

Harness the power of mobile.

Bring your people together around a centralized system.

See — maybe for the first time — just how much work your team is doing.


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Data-Driven Decision Making

Quick access to the safety data you need to drive better decision making. Dashboards show you and your team, at a glance, the most important actionable safety indicators. Create custom reports and schedule them for distribution to the right people. Spend less time responding to information requests.

Worker Engagement

You don’t have to go it alone. Equip your people to easily report workplace incidents, near misses, and hazards anywhere, using any mobile device. Plus, schedule safety meetings, track action items, and conduct JSAs on the fly. Improving employee buy-in begins with visibility and follow through.

Compliance Streamlining

Confirm you are meeting regulatory responsibilities like OSHA HazCom and Recordkeeping Standards. Provide employees fast, online access to SDSs. Quickly and easily generate OSHA Forms 300, 300A, and 301, and even generate files for direct submission to OSHAs Injury Tracking Application (ITA).


Incident Management

Simplifies the reporting, investigating and tracking of workplace incidents, with emphasis on prevention, by analyzing and monitoring risks and causes.


Chemical Management

Improves visibility of your overall chemical footprint and helps you identify and manage hazardous chemical risks. Provides easy, online access to updated library of SDSs.



Create and deploy specialized checklists for your facilities and operations. Easily schedule and assign inspections and follow-up action.


Action Management

Creates, assigns and tracks corrective and preventive actions to help you identify and reduce workplace risks.


Safety Meetings

Provides a centralized system for scheduling, tracking, communicating, and reporting safety meeting-related information throughout your organization.


Job Safety Analysis

Performing JSAs on a regular basis and sharing results with workers is essential to reducing risks. Both employers and employees benefit.

Features & Benefits

Drive Engagement

  • Equip your people to report workplace incidents, near misses and illnesses and injuries from any mobile device or tablet
  • Create custom reports and schedule them for distribution to the right people
  • Provide fast, right-to-know access to online SDSs
  • Complete JSAs on the fly while capturing and prioritizing risks for follow-up
  • Deploy specialized inspection checklists your employees can follow using a mobile device
  • Capture actions generated from incident investigations, inspections, safety meetings, or JSAs in a centralized location

Take Control

  • Investigate workplace incidents and maintain OSHA logs. Submit electronic 300A injury and illness summary reports
  • Analyze JSAs and prioritize risks for follow-up
  • Conduct inspections and assign follow-up actions
  • Schedule meetings, log minutes, carry-over pending topics and agendas, and track action items
  • Capture actions generated from incident investigations, inspections, safety meetings, or JSAs in a centralized location
  • Notify stakeholders of assigned roles and send automatic notifications when actions are coming due or past due

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