IH Program Management Software


Core Capabilities

  • Global Chemical/OEL Database
  • Similar Exposure Groups (SEGs)
  • Qualitative Exposure Assessment (QEA)
  • Sample Plans
  • Lab & Consultant Data Management
  • Reporting & Analysis

IH Program Management Software

A cloud software solution that simplifies coordination and control of your IH program, and helps effectively communicate the value of IH across your organization.

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VelocityEHS Industrial Hygiene Management Program Management Solution

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Drive IH Program Performance

  • Quickly set up your similar exposure groups (SEGs) and assign personnel based on location, job, task/activity and associated equipment with just a few clicks
  • Easily develop, schedule, track and manage sampling plans to keep your IH sampling activities on-time and on-target
  • Track SEG status and flag for qualitative exposure assessments (QEAs) as hazards and exposure levels change
  • Ensure compliance and maintain the highest levels of protection with our continuously-updated Global Chemical & OEL Database

Simplify IH Data Management

  • Streamline and standardize IH data entry with pre-built templates & auto-populated fields
  • Quickly select your unique workplace chemical and physical stressors from our expansive Global Chemical & OEL Database
  • Provide your labs with secure access to directly upload analytical results, helping to eliminate manual data entry tasks and minimize errors

Enhance Visibility of Workplace Risks

  • Quickly generate a wide range of reports to view status and performance of IH program functions including SEGs, QEAs, sample plans, medical surveillance, samples and surveys
  • Create detailed risk matrices to visually communicate risks to management
  • Run in-depth statistical analysis of sample data (Geometric mean, SD, %>OEL, UCLs, LCLs, 95/95 UTLs, etc.)
  • Perform Bayesian analysis or export data to third-party BI tools for custom analysis

The Help You Need, the Way You Need It

If you’re responsible for IH in your workplace, but don’t have a formal IH background, you’re not alone. The number of in-house IH professionals has dwindled in recent years, with more and more businesses outsourcing IH due to lack of resources or expertise.

In addition, IH is often decentralized, with individual sites and departments managing IH data and processes in separate silos. Decentralized systems are unable to communicate with each other, which makes creating a cohesive picture of IH performance and communicating the value of your IH program to management next to impossible.

Whether you’re a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) or new to IH, VelocityEHS provides a simple, low-cost software platform designed by IH professionals to help you implement a world-class IH program. You get sophisticated, easy-to-use tools for managing SEGs and QEAs, sample plans, lab and consultant data, statistical analysis and reporting, while our Global Chemical/OEL database makes compliance with global IH standards easier than ever. It’s the detailed control and visibility you need to protect the health of your workplace and more effectively demonstrating the value of your IH program.

The Simple Solution

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Unlike other IH software products, IH Program Management is an active, fully-integrated software platform that helps you implement and maintain a comprehensive IH program built upon established AIHA management principles and best practices.

By integrating your IH sampling data, SEGs, QEAs, sampling plans, database of stressors and OELs, analysis, reporting and other IH functions into a single system, IH Program Management helps you take a process-based approach to IH — minimizing the number of steps required to perform critical IH program tasks and saving you significant time and effort. As an example, employee exposure and SEG data can be automatically populated into your medical surveillance data fields to minimize manual data entry and streamline compliance.

With your IH program functions integrated into a single intuitive platform, you can improve efficiency and visualize key data and reports in real-time to help you make faster, more confident IH management decisions.

Helping You Be Better

Our IH Program Management solution helps you eliminate the day-to-day burdens associated with many time-consuming IH program tasks so you can focus on being a more effective EHS leader. With more streamlined and effective IH processes in place, you can spend more time focusing on the health of your workplace.

Delivering Value

Like all of our software products, our IH Program Management solution was designed and built by EHS experts in close collaboration with EHS professionals like you. This deep expertise and understanding of the real-world challenges EHS professionals face has helped us develop a solution that provides the greatest possible value to you and your business. With VelocityEHS, you get a comprehensive IH program management solution that is more affordable and easy to implement than competing software systems, and provides the simplest user experience for you and your workers.

Solving Complex Problems Simply

Our simple design and intuitive user interface means that you spend less time using the software, so you can spend more time focusing on the health of your facilities and your employees.

Providing Personalized Service and Support

We understand that our success depends on your success. That’s why we believe it’s not about selling you software, but creating a supportive relationship with personalized service, support and expert advice. Our IH Program Management solution is backed by our expert team of Customer Support professionals who’ll give you the individual attention you need to help reach your EHS goals faster.

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Incident reporting is now easier than ever with the VelocityEHS Mobile App. Customers can download the app for free from the App Store and Google Play. Simply download the app to your tablet or smartphone, enter your login information and Partner ID, and begin using the VelocityEHS Mobile App's exciting new features. Don't have your Partner ID? Contact [email protected] for help.