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Product Name: Mobo Keyboard Tray

Cost: $79.95

Description: A computer keyboard tray that attaches to the armrest of an office chair.

Ergonomic Benefits and Features:

  • Encourages neutral posture for the arms while keying when placed at the appropriate height
  • Separate mouse pad area provides space for multiple tasks
  • Size is 22″x12-1/2″ and is slightly arched away from the user

Potential Limitations:

  • Height of tray relies on adjustable height of arm rests and proper adjustment by user
  • May cause extended arm reaches and contact stress due to mouse pad surface position, height and relative handedness of user
  • May cause increased distance from screen for monitor users affecting visibility and reach
  • May cause flexed neck postures for laptop/tablet users due to height of viewing area
  • May cause decreased mobility; limits easy access in and out of chair
  • Plastic hinges and mechanisms may not be durable for long term or heavy use


  • Can be used to support light objects (recommended for 15-20 lbs. max), such as laptops, tablets, keyboards, etc.

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