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When COVID-19 abruptly dictated remote work for 42% of the workforce, organizational leaders had no time to prepare. As a result, employees are experiencing elevated work-related stress, blurred boundaries between work and personal life, and sharp increases in musculoskeletal discomfort due to inadequate office furniture, equipment, and workstation setup.

As many companies plan for a permanent shift to remote work, clarifying responsibilities and quickly resolving health and safety issues will be key to minimizing potential injuries and illnesses. You’ll gain a better understanding of the benefit-cost analysis of a remote workforce and if it’s a smart choice for your organization moving forward. You’ll hear from experts on the current and future state of working from home, the benefits and losses associated with remote work, and the responsibilities placed on employers and employees in work-from-home scenarios. Register today to attend this 60-minute webinar hosted by the National Association for EHS&S Management (NAEM).