Be an EHS Hero | User Conference

October 1-2, 2019 | Chicago, USA

Thank you to everyone who helped make Accelerate 2019 a success. We look forward to seeing you next year at Accelerate 2020!




Accelerate 2019 Agenda

A special thank you to our 2019 speakers for sharing their insights and best-practices.

Key Note Presentation: Bill Benjamin

We're thrilled to introduce our keynote speaker, Bill Benjamin — an emotional intelligence, performance and leadership expert.

Bill's message and engaging style will inspire you to drive positive change in your organization. He leverages his mathematics and technical background to take a practical and scientific approach to helping people understand how the brain responds under pressure and how that can help increase leadership and performance. 

We took our time looking for the right speaker and Bill knocked us off of our feet. He will help us set the stage for two days of connection, learning and growth at Accelerate 2019. Bill is a partner at the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP) where his practical nature and scientific approach to leadership make him a great fit for analytical and discerning audiences like the U.S Marines and NASA engineers. 

You will leave the conference with tools to hit the ground running and make great things happen where you work.

A Systematic Approach to New Employee Safety

Dustin Rusch, Chief Safety Officer & Kelci Berndt, Safety Coordinator

JF Ahern

Equating safety with the absence of injuries is a fallacy. This is especially true when it comes to new and short-service employees. Instead, ensuring these employees have the necessary support to perform their jobs safely is a business challenge that requires a systematic approach. In this session you’ll learn how injury data collected in VelocityEHS led JF Ahern to a examine its safety management system and put new measures in place, including targeted observations, competency building, and participation of the CEO.

Partners in Sustainability – A Long-Term Customer Talks New Goals

Marcus Fitzgerald, Global QEHS Director for CETCO Energy Services

Minerals Technologies Inc.

A partnership is a commitment to work together in pursuit of shared objectives. In the best of cases, as goals are met, new possibilities emerge, and the collaboration deepens. The MTI and VelocityEHS journey is well into its second decade, yet the focus is on the future. For MTI, a company with an executive-driven focus on sustainability, this means reducing its environmental footprint, becoming a safer place to work, and engaging its communities. VelocityEHS is helping by making it easier for MTI to collect and evaluate key environmental, safety, and operational metrics and to prioritize sustainability goals.

Understanding Outcomes One Company on a Data Driven Mission

Jennifer Criqui, Global Director of EHS at Emerson Automation Solutions

Emerson Electric

Measuring performance is a foundational tenet of EHS. However, establishing meaningful measures that go beyond recordable injury data is a tough challenge. Metrics that provide insight into trends, employee culture, and leadership execution are much more indicative of our EHS commitment, but they can be hard to capture. In this session, Emerson Electric discusses how the leap from spreadsheets to VelocityEHS opened opportunities to drive EHS conversations to a higher level, improve performance, heighten ownership, and reduce negative outcomes over time. With metrics for each of their locations rolling up into a global scorecard, Emerson now has direct insight into the success or failure of their activities related to prevention, culture, and leadership.

Accelerating into the Future

VelocityEHS is thrilled to share exciting news about the products and services we are hard at work building for our customer community.  Prepare to be wowed! You will be the first to see the next generation of EHS software.

Be the Change You Wish to See – The Transformative Power of MOC

Phil Walsh, Regional Safety, Health & Env Manager & Dan Husnik, Lead Business Systems Analyst 

Ecolab Inc. 

Despite its business complexity, Ecolab was drawn to VelocityEHS’ simplicity and ease of implementation. VelocityEHS spread from division to division and then up to the enterprise level. With Ecolab initially not having anything in place at the top, no way to track data across all sites, no tools to capture trends or create reports, it had no way to look at information for its entire group – no standardization. It needed a way for its sites to easily manage data more efficiently. Coordinating with stakeholders across departments like IT and EHS, which for Ecolab, amounts to hundreds of people across 170 different countries, takes effort, but as sites come on board, excitement grows! This session will look at the coordinated effort by Ecolab to assure companywide alignment toward unified data management, with a special emphasis on the MOC product and Ecolab’s change management processes, as well as the value MOC provides to this world-class company and the career growth it provides to its champion.

When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know – The Road to Visibility & Efficiency

Marc Juaire, Corporate Director of Environment, Health and Safety

Liberty Diversified International.

LDI is a privately held, family owned company that has been in business for over 100 years — the first 96 without a central EHS function. Injuries were tracked, but compliance was difficult, especially when acquiring smaller businesses that were lacking dedicated EHS resources. A corporate Director of EHS role was created to standardize processes and increase visibility. An EHS compliance audit program was implemented to assess compliance between different locations and for same locations over time, and a common training calendar was set up to unite all sites. More recently, LDI implemented the DuPont STOP system and locations started to do their own inspections and self-assessments using VelocityEHS’ software. This session will showcase the efficiencies and culture-building achieved across LDI sites, in part through GAP assessments and shared compliance calendars.

Finding the Right Fit for Ergonomics

Michael Mauro, Divisional Ergonomics & Error Proofing Process Champion

W.L. Gore & Associates

When Gore identified a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) incident rate that was higher than the industry benchmark, it embarked on a journey to reduce MSDs across its Medical Products Division. This session will discuss the steps Gore took, including: restructuring organizational accountability, managing complex change, creating standards for assessment and reporting, and engaging at all levels in the organization with the support of VelocityEHS’ Humantech software and consulting services. Learn how ergonomics can be a driver for culture change in your organization.

The Rest is Gravy How VelocityEHS Helps Solve Many Challenges

Gregory Downs, IT Project Manager - EHS

International Paper

International Paper originally turned to VelocityEHS for help managing incidents. That ending up being the tip of the iceberg. Today, IP’s solution set includes Audits & Inspections, Chemical Management, Compliance Management, and Actions. This session will zero in on chemical management, audits and actions, including how the mobile app is helping people keep up with their to-dos in real time. It will also provide an opportunity to learn how related services from VelocityEHS are helping streamline critical EHS activities for IP and deliver efficiencies not possible when done in-house. Needs change over time, but growth means turning those challenges into opportunities. For IP, those opportunities include turning data into better decisions and greater visibility for the whole team.

Beyond Compliance – How to Demystify Industrial Hygiene and Create a Sustainable Program 

Kristi Hames, CIH, CSP, Industrial Hygiene Program Manger

Ashland LLC

Industrial Hygiene is complex, but managing an effective, compliant IH program doesn’t have to be! Learn how Ashland simplified IH for its entire organization and how – with the help of the VelocityEHS solution – it demystified IH data for both IH- and EHS-professionals alike, and how you can too!

One of the Safest Places to Work in America – Secrets from an Industry Leader

George Carlough, Director, Global Environment, Health & Safety

Komatsu Mining Corp.

Saddled with a homemade system that was not keeping pace with its needs, Komatsu turned to VelocityEHS for help getting more value out of the good work it was already doing. Not surprisingly, Komatsu was looking for simpler, faster, better; but more importantly, engaging and useful – it needed a way to help people be more proactive. Observations and Hazard IDs were a strong focus, with both top down and bottom up engagement grounded in the idea that safety is owned by everyone and that relationships with operations were important. Now, with greater program efficiencies, Komatsu is an EHS Today award winner as one of the safest places to work in America, with a focus on data quality over quantity and a shift from lagging to leading indicators. This session will showcase the dashboards and reports important to Komatsu.