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When you join VelocityEHS Sales, you’re joining an elite team of change agents helping to improve the way companies protect employees and safeguard the environment. You’re on the frontlines, and your skills are counted on to help transform lives by connecting people to the right VelocityEHS solutions.

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At the start of your career, or the start of a new role, how you get up and running is critical to your long-term success. That’s why we focus on giving you the training, support, knowledge, expertise and tools you need to make a difference. New beginnings bring challenges, and more importantly, opportunity.

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At VelocityEHS we set you up for sales excellence, with:

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Sales is hard work. But it gets a lot easier when you have the right integrity, judgement, and grit. At VelocityEHS, we do not take for granted that our success flows from the partnerships our sales consultants build. That’s why we invest in and take care of the those who take care of our customers.

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Not everyone has the opportunity to work for the undisputed leader. At VelocityEHS, you’re playing in the big leagues. We’re the number one software company in our industry — by a lot. Yet, the opportunities in front of you are bigger than any success we’ve enjoyed. Nothing but your best will do.

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People make the difference at VelocityEHS. That's why we're not just looking for people with the right skills; we're looking for people with the right drive, the right passion and the right character to make our entire team better.

Lee Nguyen
Jake Warren
Rita Muench
Laura Wallace

Our mission

Making Workplaces Safer and More Sustainable

"At VelocityEHS the work you do helps millions of people make it home safely at the end of the work day. You also provide the tools that allow our customers be good stewards of their resources and the environment. Doing good feels good, and VelocityEHS is work you can lean into."

-- VelocityEHS President & COO, Matt Airhart

Our Values

VelocityEHS employees are driven by five core values. These values do not specify business objectives, timelines or ambitious goals. (Don’t worry, we have all of those.) Rather, they embody the esprit de corps of VelocityEHS: Who we are and how we do business.

Champion Customer Success - Because Outcomes Matter
Build Open & Honest Relationships -Because Expectations Matter
Choose Simple - Because Speed Matters

Be Humble - Because Respect Matters


Make a Difference - Because Happiness Matters

Champion Customer Success
Build Relationships
Build Open & Honest Relationships
Choose Simple
Choose Simple
Be Humble
Be Humble
Make a Difference
Make a Difference