2021 Short Conference Sneak Peek: 7 Ways Technology Can Streamline Your Industrial Hygiene Program

Woman Working in a Food and Beverage Factory Floor

This year’s theme of the VelocityEHS Short Conference is EHS Technology: The Road Ahead. There have been so many changes to technology within the last twenty years, and so many more to come. How can you utilize this powerful evolution of technology to help you reach your environmental, health & safety goals? On Wednesday, May 12th, we are offering 5 valuable sessions presented by EHS subject matter experts to show you how to use the latest technology to boost your program to new heights.

One of those EHS experts is Dave Risi, CIH, VelocityEHS Director of Industrial Hygiene.

His session, “7 Ways Technology Can Streamline Your Industrial Hygiene Program”, starting at 1:50 p.m. Eastern, will break down the 7 critical elements that make up a comprehensive industrial hygiene program.

With many companies downsizing or eliminating their in-house IH professionals, those responsibilities are being shifted to EHS generalists or third-party consultants—of which there are many. With the wide range of responsibilities that IH managers have—from SEGs, QEAs, and sampling activities to data analysis, medical surveillance, and reporting—they need a seamless program.

This session will share with attendees the knowledge, tools, continuous improvement principles and the AIHA best practices that they’ll need to organize a holistic IH program. In this session, attendees will learn how to:

  • Establish and maintain IH program elements as well as implement strategies to reduce the time and effort required to manage worker health and compliance.
  • Adopt an integrated approach to IH program management.
  • Drive continuous improvement of IH program performance in order to keep their teams as safe as possible as the EHS world continually evolves.

The 5 sessions of The Short Conference (all free!) are designed to be educational and interactive roundtable discussion between subject matter experts and customers to share key insights on improving safety, compliance, ergonomics, and more.

Register now so that you don’t miss out on these one-of-a-kind sessions!

P.S. Busy on May 12th? Check out our new webinar series on Industrial Hygiene program management starting on June 8th.