The Bottom Line: Why the Rise in Workplace Knee Injuries?

Researchers from Finland and The Netherlands conducted a  systematic review of 15 high-quality studies about the relationship between physically demanding work and knee injuries. Director of Ergonomics Research Blake McGowan explains the findings in this video installment.

In summary,

  • work-related squatting and kneeling contribute to knee injuries and surgeries.
  • better workplace design and equipment can reduce or eliminate the need to squat or kneel during a work task.

Verbeek J, Mischke C, Robinson R, Ijaz S, Kuijer P, Kievit A, et al. (2017). Occupational Exposure to Knee Loading and the Risk of Osteoarthritis of the Knee: A Systematic Review and a Dose-Response Meta-Analysis. Safety and Health at Work. 2017;8(2):130-142.
Kuijer, P Paul & Burdorf, Alex. (2020). Prevention at work needed to curb the worldwide strong increase in knee replacement surgery for working-age osteoarthritis patients. Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health. 457-460.

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