The Bottom Line: Corporate Boards – What Motivates Their Engagement in OHS?

Blake McGowan, Director of Research

Swedish researchers conducted a study to determine what drives corporate boards to engage in Occupational Health and Safety initiatives and what influences the level of their engagement. Director of Research Blake McGowan, CPE, shares the findings.

The five drivers of corporate board engagement are:

  • legal compliance
  • serious event
  • external expectations
  • good for business
  • moral values

The three factors that influence the level of their engagement are:

  • agenda of ownership
  • competencies of the board
  • competing priorities

References: Lornudd, Caroline; Stenfors, Terese; Hasson, Henna; Frykman, Mandus; Sundberg, Carl Johan; Schwarz, and Ulrica von Thiele. (2020). A Piece of the Boardroom Pie—An Interview Study Exploring What Drives Swedish Corporate Boards’ Engagement in Occupational Health and Safety. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine: June 2020 – Volume 62 – Issue 6 – p 389-397.

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