Our Conferences are Canceled Now What? Industrial Hygiene

IH Conf Canceled Screenshot

"Demystifying Industrial Hygiene: Simplifying the Process" was a session that Dave Risi, CIH, CSP, director of industrial hygiene, would have presented if COVID-19 hadn't disrupted our conference schedule. As the VelocityEHS Senior Marketing Events Manager, I decided to summarize the key points of this session in this month's video installment. Watch the video!

In summary, to simplify IH tasks:

  • bucket it with risk management.
  • place the qualitative exposure assessment metrics in a safety risk matrix to identify the high risk areas.
  • sample the areas of uncertainty.

Now available! A global list of occupational exposure limits (OEL's), with up to 1,800 stressors in North America, Europe, and the Far East. For more visit, the industrial hygiene page of the VelocityEHS website.

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