VelocityEHS Introduces New e-Book “Introduction to HazCom”

At VelocityEHS, we talk about OSHA’s HazCom Standard pretty often. We, of course, have software to help you manage it, plus we write articles and create educational resources about it, and we give webinars and in-person talks at professional EHS conferences about it too. But we frequently hear from EHS professionals who have recently come into the role of managing HazCom for their company, and are looking for some guidance on how to get started.

For these folks, we know you might feel a little overwhelmed trying to get a grasp on HazCom compliance, since the Standard itself can be difficult to understand and guidance materials are scattered. That’s why we’ve put together our new e-Book “Introduction to HazCom: How to Get a Handle on Your Chemical Management.

Download “Introduction to HazCom” now.

Our goal with this e-Book is to help you develop your understanding of your obligations under the HazCom Standard, and even more so, we hope it drives home the point that HazCom isn’t just a regulatory requirement ¾ it’s about getting your workers home safely each day.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The purpose of the HazCom Standard
  • First steps to start getting a handle on hazardous chemicals in your inventory
  • How to manage SDS access for your workforce
  • Requirements for shipped and workplace container labels
  • How to create and maintain an effective written HazCom plan
  • Considerations for conducting effective HazCom training

For additional guidance on HazCom, be sure to check out our upcoming webinar:

GHS/HazCom: Maintaining Compliance and Preparing for Future Changes – 7/8, 11 AM ET

Let VelocityEHS Help!

If you’re looking for the right tools to manage HazCom compliance and workplace chemical safety, our award-winning solutions make it easier for you to keep your chemical inventory up to date, manage your SDS library, and provide right-to-know access to SDSs for your entire workforce.

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