The Short Conference: Simplifying Industrial Hygiene: Breaking Down the Silos

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Occupational Health and Safety professionals have been doing more with less long before COVID-19. “Workers are taking on tasks outside of their normal work silo,” said Director of Industrial Hygiene Dave Risi during the session, “Simplifying Industrial Hygiene: Breaking Down the Silos,” at the VelocityEHS virtual event The Short Conference on May 21, 2020.

Best practices, challenges, and solutions for managing an efficient and effective IH program were the main topics of the 60-minute webinar. Dave Risi addressed the common challenges listed below and provided practical answers and solutions.

Common Challenges:

  • Turnarounds/ maintenance activities
  • Additional EHS programs to manage
  • Flat or reduced budget
  • Lack of internal support
  • The number of on-staff IH professionals are decreasing
  • EHS generalists are being are managing IH programs and fieldwork

Risi also answered many questions, such as:

  • For a safety professional with no IH background, what are your recommendations for being an IH professional?
  • How does risk management align with an IH program?
  • How do you speak to management that has no background in safety, always questions in-house data, but has no money (or value) placed on providing consultants?

If you were unable to attend the session, or would like the answers to these questions, you’re in luck—the on-demand recording is available for download now and you can still receive continuing education credits (CEU). Follow these three steps to obtain your certificate.

  1. Watch the full recording
  2. Let the video end automatically
  3. Email us with the subject line “Request CEU for Simplifying IH” to [email protected]

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Additional sessions from The Short Conference included strategies for keeping employees engaged while working from home, best practices for managing a safe work environment during COVID-19, navigating regulatory and compliance hurdles, tips for implementing a restarting work process, and chemical management tips for COVID-19.

The on-demand recordings, session summaries and Q&As are available now on the VelocityEHS’ website. Register to download.