Our Conferences are Canceled: Now What? Addicted to Blame

Addicted to blame 10 steps to fix your rot cause and EHS culture.

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“As an EHS professional, if you feel good about yourself at the end of most days, you might need to reevaluate what you’re doing,” says VelocityEHS Sustainability Expert Phil Molé in the video above. Addicted to Blame: 10 Steps to Fix Your Root Cause and EHS Culture is a session that Molé  planned to present this year before COVID-19 caused our conferences to be canceled or postponed. As the VelocityEHS Senior Marketing Events Manager, I decided to summarize the top three steps of what he would have presented. Watch.

The top three steps to fix your root cause analysis are:

  1. Avoid labels
  2. Give specific instructions
  3. Pay attention to variation

Know these two regulations to stay compliant:

  1. OSHA Recordkeeping Standard
  2. Control of Major Accidents Hazards (U.K.)


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