Protect Workers from Respiratory Hazards with On-Demand Training

Safety regulations such as OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard (1910.134) require that employers provide their employees with the necessary protection from harmful contaminants, yet inadequate respiratory protection remains one of the most common workplace violations. The VelocityEHS Respiratory Protection training course – part of our On-Demand Training course library – can help you ensure that you ensure compliance. Read on to learn more.

Workplace Respiratory Protection – Key Facts:


  • Respiratory protection consistently ranks among OSHA’s top 10 workplace violations, coming in at number 5 for 2019. Over the past year, the agency issued more than 2,100 citations for respiratory violations, totaling nearly $2.4 million in penalties.
  • According to OSHA, more than 3 million U.S. employees, in approximately 1.3 million workplaces, are required to wear respirators to protect against harmful dusts, gases, smokes, mists, fogs, and sprays. Exposure to these harmful substances can lead to often irreversible diseases such as silicosis and cancer.
  • NIOSH data show that from 2006 to 2016, nearly 52,000 U.S. residents died from work-related respiratory illnesses.
  • OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard consists of several individual parts, such as selection of respirators, medical evaluation, fit testing, and training. To learn more about the Standard, including associated challenges and best practices, read our recent EHS.com blog post.

Simplify Safety and Compliance with On-Demand Training


Respiratory Protection provides training on respiratory hazards, protection methods, and safe work practices designed to protect against hazardous airborne contaminants in the work environment. Coverage includes:

  • Employee and employer responsibilities
  • The operation, limitations and capabilities of respirators
  • Respirator selection procedures
  • Proper respirator use and inspection, maintenance, cleaning, and storage practices
  • How to recognize respirator malfunction and the correct follow-up procedures

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